One Step Closer

I made a few calls last week.

The first call I made was to the Department of Labor. I was told I can collect the extra minimum wage, but I’d have to go to small claims court to collect my “regular” wage.

I will be filing a fraud case with the IRS if, with my remaining pay, no taxes are taken out.

I got my paycheck out of my card, finally, but the bank wasn’t too happy about it. I took out $100 and paid a $2 surcharge, but I still have money on my card that I’ll get out when I receive my “starter pack,” which contains money order-like checks that I can take to banks, stores, etc. and use them like regular checks. This card doesn’t have anything to do with my bank, it has to do with the way my company decides to pay people.

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A Few Employment Problems

I activated my lovely cash card that holds my paycheck. I went to the bank to withdraw my money from the ATM machine since I was told the first withdrawal was free. I come to find out that it’s not. I am not going to pay two dollars to get my paycheck from an ATM machine. I then took my second option: go shopping and get cash back. I went to Noodles with my mom. I ordered my food only to find out that my card wouldn’t work. The agent on the phone told me I could go shopping anywhere that accepts MasterCard. Well, she was wrong. I was furious since I have my paycheck that I can’t even receive the money for free!

If you read my post in my other blog, you’ll know that I am having problems figuring out how my pay was achieved. I thought I wasn’t being paid enough by the company not paying me for a day, or taking too much tax out. The information I was seeking arrived in the mail today. I fetched it from the mailbox after going through this crap with my cash card “not working” like I was told it was. I came across many problems with my pay stub.

1. My pay rate was based below minimum wage for my state. It was agreed that the paid training would be minimum wage, $6.15 per hour. The other working hours should be paid as the regular pay rate, $9.00 per hour.

2. No state or federal taxes were taken out. The Medicare and Social Security taxes were taken out accurately.

3. My taxable marital status is set to “Married.” I am not married. My exemptions and allowances are accurate.

I have my work cut out for me on Monday:

1. Call work. Ask many questions about my pay. Hopefully get resolved. If not, call EEOC and file complaint(s).

2. Call cash card company and ask how to get all my money from my card for free.

Wish me luck, I need it.

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